​​​Our Mission                                                                    

The Santa Cruz Valley Citizens Council is a non-profit Arizona corporation. Our purpose is to inform and educate members about local and regional issues affecting our community,  and to express members' views regarding these issues.

More than 500 members of the Citizens Council have influenced a wide range of issues, shaping the character and future of our community - issues including utility rates, mining, water and development.


When We Meet                                                                

The SCVCC meets from September through May at 9:00 a.m. on the third Monday of each month (unless otherwise notified) at the Tubac Community Center located at 50 Bridge Road.  
Membership in the SCVCC provides an opportunity to: 

  • Get involved in your community and get to know your neighbors
  • Learn about important issues that affect our local area
  • Provide input on current and future solutions that will benefit us all
  • Receive periodic news and announcements

Officers and Representatives                                           


President                       Homero Lopez

1st Vice President         Brian Vandervoet

2nd Vice President        Patricia Thompson

Secretary                       Val Simms

Treasurer                       Cathy Angel

Bd Member at Large     Rich Bohman

Bd Member at Large     Nan Fitzpatrick

District Representatives

District 1            Dick Blake & Pat Hudson (alternate)
District 2            Mindy Maddock & Polly Schlitz (alternate)
District 3            Claire McJunkin & Brenda Camou (alternate)
District 4            Clem Shute & John O'Neill (alternate)
District 5            Sue Laverty & Nancy Valentine (alternate) 
District 6            Jennifer Tougas
District 7            Barbara Hill & John Combo (alternate)