District Boundaries                                                              

Anyone who resides within these boundaries for a minimum of three months during the calendar year as either a homeowner, renter or lessee is eligible to become a member of the Citizens Council. A household may have more than one member. Each member is limited to one vote for all purposes of the Council. People who live outside these boundaries, but wish to support the Council and receive emailings, may join as a non-voting Associate Member. 

District           Boundaries                                                   Areas Include
1                     South of Pima County Line                           Amado and outlying areas
                       North of Chavez Siding Interchange
                       West of State Land  
                       East of Coronado National Forest  
2                     South of Chavez Siding Interchange              Palo Parado Estados
                       North of Kenyon Ranch Road                        Empty Saddles Estates
                       West of I-19                                                    Tubac Heights I & II
                       East of Coronado National Forest                   Cerro Pelon, Rusty Spur 

                                                                                                Piedra Drive Subdivision
3                    South of Chavez Siding Interchange               Tubac Vistas
                       North of North Boundary of TVCC Estates    Tubac Villas
                       West of Santa Cruz River                                Tubac Rio Cruz
                       East of I-19  
4                     South of North Boundary of TVCC Estates     TVCC Estates
                       North of Bridge Road                                        Tubac Golf Resort residences
                       West of Santa Cruz River                                  all HOA's within TVCC Estates
                       East of I-19  
5                     South of Bridge Road                                        Village of Tubac
                       North of Clark's Crossing Road                         Barrio de Tubac
                       West of Santa Cruz River  
                       East of I-19  
6                     South of Chavez Siding Interchange                 Carmen
                       North of Rio Rico Subdivision                          Tumacacori
                       West of State Lands                                           Tubac Foothills
                       East of Santa Cruz River                                    all HOA's and private owners
                       East of I-19 (south of Clark's Crossing Rd.)                    within these boundaries

7                    South of Kenyon Ranch Road                            Aliso Springs
                       North of Rio Rico Subdivision                           Ranch at Aliso Springs, and
                       West of I-19                                                        all other private property owners
                       East of Coronado National Forest